Norwood Hair Loss Type 1

This type describes the least amount of loss, and consequently the least you need to do.

Since many men recede a bit naturally with age, at this level there is no guarantee that you have male pattern hair loss. You should see a doctor to determine this. If you are sure you have male pattern loss, there are two treatments that should help. The cheapest and safest is Minoxidil (Rogaine) 2%. Minoxidil has been shown to prevent further loss in about 80% of men and regrows lost hair in 25-40% of men. At this stage, you are the most likely to benefit from Minoxidil. With generic minoxidil prices as low as $8-9 per month, there is no reason not to give this treatment a try. Side effects are very infrequent.

If you do not feel comfortable with Minoxidil, there is a prescription treatment that has been shown to prevent further loss in almost all men and regrow hair in a good percentage. This treatment is called Proscar (soon to be released for hair loss in 1mg form as Propecia - still prescription). It is not easy to get since it is a prescription treatment not yet approved for hair loss and is not as cheap as minoxidil. Also, there is a small chance (1-5%) that you could experience side effects including some loss of sexual desire, some loss of sexual sensation, or some loss of hardness of erections. These side effects generally go away after 1-3 months of treatment (Proscar takes 6-8 weeks or so to build up in your system) and go away if you stop treatment. At the dosage suggested for hair loss (1/5 of the normal 5 mg dosage), these side effects are even less frequent or severe. Most men experience no side effects. Proscar is almost guaranteed to halt your hair loss, which makes it a great tool when you are just beginning to lose your hair.