Hair Loss Option: Cosmetic Concealers

Hair loss Concealers are cosmetic sprays, powders, and creams that are applied to the hair and scalp to either make the hair appear thicker and/or darken the scalp.  Hair loss concealers are for existing areas of thinning hair, not slick bald areas.  The advantages of concealers are that they don’t cost a lot and will immediately make your hair look better, unlike the treatment and transplant options which take many months to see results.  They also do not have side effects so they are more appropriate for people who wish to take a more natural approach and do not want to use treatments or go through hair transplantation.  The disadvantage of concealers is that they do not do anything to prevent you from losing hair in the long run, so eventually there will be no way for you to conceal the hai rloss unless you use one of the other options to treat your hair loss.  Also, while today’s hairloss concealers are much better at not running in adverse weather or while swimming, there is always the risk of the concealer coming off or running under those conditions.

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