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lol, I’ve been doing NOTHING but posting FACTS in this thread. I posted a pic of a NW 6 (!), who went to a good NW 2-3 within a year due to a sex change. And you guys still defend OMG and try to make my words look wrong. (hapyman, if you had taken a look at the picture gallery, you would have seen that the guy was BALD, not just shaved on top).

It’s a bit frustrating. If OverMachoGrande suddenly said that 1+2 = 4, everyone on this board would believe it. The next few months are gonna be funny, every post of me is going to be bashed, i can see it coming lol.

jdp, I did not understand your post. You mean that you can’t regrow hair that has been gone for more than 30 months? Take a look at the gallery, this guy was a nw 5 in 1999. The pics I posted are from 2004. Off course I’m pretty sure you cannot achieve those results without some serious hormonal chaos, but I just wanted to show OMG that it’s not true what he said.