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Thanks for polluting my thread. Notice in my original post I said laser messiah 2′s, I did NOT mention other devices. Apples vs Oranges. Create your own thread if you wish to continue the nonsense. I’m trying to guage people’s progress here. Also if you like read about my experience below. I don’t have any reason to tell u that lasers worked in my case for regrowth if it were not true. You’re still young as was I when I went to the clinic. If you were smart you’d be lasering instead of crying like a girl. “

“However, I say Fuck the naysayers. They can fuck off as far as I’m concerned”

That’s pretty much the reaction i explained in my last post, i hope you know what I mean now, ljc.

Sorry lapwing, if you don’t want it, I’ll stop posting in this thread. Unfortunately the PM’s don’t work here.