Equate Brand 2% Minoxidil from Wal-Mart

Equate Hair Regrowth TreatmentEquate brand 2% Minoxidil is a brand many are interested in who use 2% since you can get it from Wal-Mart in a three pack for $24.95, and almost everyplace has a Wal-Mart. One good feature of the Equate brand is that unlike most generic Minoxidil packs, this pack comes with a pump spray attachment as well as a dropper, so consumers are not limited to just the dropper. The Minoxidil itself appears to be of fairly high quality and consistent. In cosmetic effect it is similar to most other generic minoxidils in that the alcohol can leave your hair looking thin. As far as generic Minoxidils go, this is one of the best and definitely one of the cheapest.

Equate Minoxidil is made by Perrigo. Perrigo is owned by Pharmacia-Upjohn (the makers of Rogaine), so this may be the best generic you can get since it probably comes closest to what Upjohn sells.Buy a 3-month supply here!