2,4-diamino-pyrimidine 3-oxide dirivitives (L’Oreal)


United States Patent   5,466,694

Terranova, et. al.   Nov. 14, 1995

Compositions for slowing down hair loss and for inducing and stimulating its growth, based on 2,4-diamino-pyrimidine 3-oxide derivatives, and new 2,4-diaminopyrimidine 3-oxide derivatives.



Terranova; Eric (Asnieres, FR); Galey; Jean B. (Paris, FR); Hocquaux; Michel (Paris, FR); Maignan; Jean (Tremblay-les-Gonesse, FR); Tuloup; Remy (Miniac-sous-Becheral, FR).


L’Oreal (Paris, FR).

Appl. No:



Jul. 13, 1992


Composition for slowing down hairloss and inducing and stimulating its growth, comprising a compound of the following formula: ##STR1## wherein R(1) and R(3) denote H; R(2) and R(4) denote H or an alkyl; R(5) denotes H, an alkyl, an alkenyl, a cycloalkyl, an aryl, an arylalkyl, a hydroxyalkyl or an aminoalkyl; X denotes H, halogen, alkyl, nitro, benzoyloxy or –NHR(6) where R(6) denotes H, acyl or alkyl; Z denotes sulfur or oxygen, with the proviso that Z denotes sulfur when X denotes H or R(5) denotes aryl; Y denotes oxygen or OSO(3) ; as well as its physiologically acceptable salts.

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