Dutasteride Pills as a Solution for Hair Loss TreatmentSummary

Avodart (Dutasteride) is a drug similar to Propecia / Finasteride, in that it blocks the enzyme that converts Testosterone to DHT. Unlike Finasteride, Avodart blocks both of the enzymes that create DHT instead of just one, so it may be a more potent treatment for hair loss. It is also, as far as we have been able to ascertain, the nearest new drug to FDA approval for hair loss.



Treatment Type:

Dual 5-alpha Reductase Inhibitor

Testing Progress:

Approved for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
Phase III trials for hairloss believed resumed – Supplemental New Drug Application for Hairloss may be submitted to FDA

Clinical Results:

Much greater and longer inhibition of DHT than Propecia in early testing.

Scalp Prior to Treatment

Prior to treatment

  Scalp After 6 Months Treatment

After 6 months of treatment



The big question will be is it better than Propecia and whether side effects will be greater or more serious. Currently approved form will be a 0.5 mg soft gel.