Tagamet (Cimetidine)

Tagamet Tablets as a Hair Loss Treatment Product SolutionHair Loss Treatment Type:

Antacid, Anti-androgen


Over the counter.


Tagamet is an antacid, anti-heartburn drug that is available over the counter. In large multiple doses daily, it can have anti-androgen effects. These effects are fairly weak though and you have to take a fairly large amount of the drug to get them, which means it is not a recommended anti-androgen treatment. Some people may have an adverse reaction that causes some hair loss as well.

Claimed Results:


Observed Results:


Clinical Results:

Anti-androgenic effects such as libido loss and gynocomnestia are known side effects.


Well tested (in FDA trials)

Safety/Side Effects:

Some possible side effects, listed on box.



Typical Cost:


Where you can get it:

Any grocery or drugstore, it is an over-the-counter drug for heartburn.


Cimetidine Study

Title: Treatment of female androgenetic alopecia with cimetidine. Title Abreviation: Int J Dermatol Date of Pub: 1987 Mar Author: Aram H;Issue/Part/Supplement: 2 Volume Issue: 26 Pagination: 128-30 MESH Headings: Adult; Alopecia (*DT/ET); Androgen Antagonists (TU); Androgens (PH);Cimetidine (AD/PD/*TU); Drug Evaluation; Female; Follow-Up Studies; Human; Middle Age; Time Factors; -RN-; Journal Title Code: GR2 Publication Type: JOURNAL ARTICLE Date of Entry: 870527N Entry Month: 8708 Country: UNITED STATES Index Priority: 2 Language: Eng Unique Identifier:87193413 Unique Identifier: 87193413 ISSN: 0011-9059   Abstract Ten white women with moderate to severe androgenetic alopecia were treated with cimetidine 300   …Continue Reading

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