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About Regrowth

More than 50 million people in the United States struggle with hair loss. If you’re among them, you already know of the negative effects that thinning hair, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness or hair loss related to prescription drug use or a medical condition can have on your life.

Treatments and procedures are available to help you stop the progression of hair loss, improve your appearance and restore your self-confidence, but not all treatments are right for every person.

The Regrowth Network exists to give you the latest information about hair loss treatments and hair transplant procedures, so that you can carefully weigh your options and find the one that is the ideal fit for you.

Our primary mission is simple:

The Regrowth Network is committed to providing individuals suffering from hair loss with the most complete, accurate, and timely information on hair loss prevention, reversal and other solutions, so that they may make an educated and confident decision about how to treat their problem.

Before you invest your time and money in a hair loss treatment or hair transplant procedure, you can educate yourself with our informative articles and hair loss newsOur forums are a great place to interact with men and women like you to receive support and hear actual stories about the effectiveness of the latest treatments and procedures. Our physician finder can help you locate licensed, experienced hair transplant specialists in your area and by following us on Twitter and on Facebook, you can receive the latest updates about all things hair loss right in your social media feeds.

To help you look and feel your best as you weigh your treatment options, the Regrowth Network also provides information about anti-aging products and overall wellness. All of the information that we provide is objective, unbiased and timely, allowing you to choose the best products for your lifestyle and your needs.

The entire team here at The Regrowth Network is completely dedicated to helping you. If we can be of assistance or if you have ideas about how we can improve our site, you can get in touch with us using our “Contact Us” page.

Since 1996, The Regrowth Network has been the leading resource for men and women confronted with the effects of hair loss. We look forward to the future and to bringing the latest information about hair loss treatments, hair transplants, anti-aging solutions and wellness products to the members of our online community.


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