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Propecia 2 Year Frontal Hair Loss Study Results

Keith Kaufman of Merck, senior director of clinical research in endocrinology and metabolism, presented 2 year study data on Propecia at the 1998 American Academy of Dermatology Conference. Dr. Kaufman showed slides detailing two year frontal (mid-anterior scalp, an area about 1 inch behind a normal hairline) results, including photographs of patients. Hair counts were shown to improve from around 10-11 additional hairs per centimeter after one year to around 11-12 hairs per centimeter after two years, so results were maintained with slight improvement. Patients on placebo showed a sharp decrease in hairs in the first year. I am awaiting confirmation of exact numbers (a line graph was presented), but the decrease after one year was about 5 hairs per centimeter. After the first year, patients were placed on Propecia and showed an overall 8 hair increase per centimeter by the end of the second year, for a total of 3 hairs above baseline. The following table shows improvements judged by photographic analysis:


Moderate Improvement Slight Improvement No Visible Hair loss Slight Decrease
Propecia – 1 Year 4% 34% 62% 1%
Placebo – 1 Year 0% 7% 85% 7%
Propecia – 2 Year 4% 38% 53% 5%


No patients in either group re-rated as greatly improved.

See example photos of Propecia study patients


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