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Hair Loss Interview with Lou Gauthier


Hair Loss Interview with Lou GauthierDisclaimer: Regrowth conducts interviews to further inform its readers about available products. Interviews do not represent any endorsement of a product. Visitors are encouraged to read all available information on a product they are interested in prior to purchasing it so that they can make an informed decision.

Regrowth had a chance to talk to the founder of the Luftek system about his product, one of the only products to attempt to treat hair loss by reducing stress. Although some are skeptical of this type of treatment for hair loss, many are interested in this type of natural treatment and some, including the founder Lou Gauthier, believe strongly in its effectiveness to treat hair loss.

Regrowth: Tell us a little more about the product you offer?

Gauthier: After losing my hair for 17 years, until I had no hair on my head, lost my right eyebrow, lost the hair on my arms and legs, my dermatologist told me I had alopecia areata, and was wasting my time with his treatments. In 1982, at the age of 52, I had a small security equipment business, and as a hobby, I decided to do a study on hair loss. I did not agree with anything I read.

I noticed that many people who suffer from hair loss are tight on top, the scalp is rigid. I tried different things and the next thing I knew, the pores were opening, and hair began to grow. My customers, who had never seen me with hair, remarked that I was growing hair and I should be in the hair business. I just laughed it off and enjoyed seeing my hair grow. In 1990, I decided to phase out Luftek Security and establish Luftek Natural Hair. I started with a clinic, but it was suggested that I produce a video that could be used in the privacy of one’s home. In addition to the home treatment, we will be opening franchised clinics very soon. The treatment in clinics will consist of 5 weekly sessions, with follow-up sessions.

Regrowth: If successful, how soon does one start seeing results with your product?

Gauthier: Usually hair stops falling out within 3 to 4 weeks, and the pores start to open in about 8 weeks. Then hair starts to grow soon after.

Regrowth: How does the product you offer work to address hair loss?

Gauthier: The Luftek video “Use Your Head to Grow Hair”(R), along with the follow-up information, teaches how to reverse hair loss with relaxation and meditation exercises, and a technique to create a positive pressure beneath the skin, that increases circulation, opens the pores and allows hair to grow naturally, without products, medication, massage or diet. All a person needs is the Luftek package and the dedication to follow the easy instructions. We also provide online support.

Regrowth: How many people have used your tape?

Gauthier: We have over 600 clients.

Regrowth: How many people have returned it for the refund?

Gauthier: At the beginning, we gave a full money-back guarantee including shipping and handling, and found that some people were playing games with us. We recently modified our guarantee: Money-back guarantee, less 25% handling. No time limit, no questions asked. We have about 4% returns. Refunds are made within 3 days. I expect to have 100% satisfaction in our clinics, because we will be able to monitor the treatment and the results.

Regrowth: So you believe your product will work in all individuals?

Gauthier: Yes I do. The technique has worked for people with alopecia, male pattern baldness, receding hairline, encephalitis, men and women with thinning hair.

Regrowth: What would you say the success rate is in people with alopecia areata? How about male pattern hair loss?

Gauthier: I don’t have a breakdown at this time. I know that the satisfaction rate is 96%.

Regrowth: How much hair can someone expect to grow from the use of your product?

Gauthier: A person can grow as much hair as they want. They can direct the technique to the areas they want to treat.

Regrowth: Do you plan on doing any scientific testing to prove your results more conclusively? If not, how do you plan to convince people that your product works?

Gauthier: A Toronto hospital is asking $100,000. To test my technique. If and when I find investors, I would prefer having the testing done in the United States. I have a New York testing clinic in mind.

Regrowth: Do you believe hair loss is caused by genetics or other causes?

Gauthier: Five dermatologists tried to find the cause of my hair loss, without any answers. I just grow hair by reversing the cause of hair loss.

Regrowth: So you believe stress and poor circulation are the only causes of hair loss that need to be addressed to treat it?

Gauthier: I am still doing research, and at this time, I believe that hair loss is caused by inflammation, constriction, and poor circulation. The question is: How do we treat these symptoms? With medication or by reversing the condition naturally.

Regrowth: If stress is the cause of hair loss, why do treatments like Propecia and Minoxidil work to grow hair?

Gauthier: Stress will always be present, but we can learn to handle stress so that it does not cause hair loss, or other ailments or diseases. Tests have shown that hair grows more on Sundays and less on Wednesdays. I don’t analyses or criticize other products or medication. I read a study that claims 20% to 32% temporary results from minoxidil. I understand that Cyanamid Corporation tested a hair loss product, and found almost the same results using a placebo. We all know that there are possible dangerous side effects with medication – some identified some unknown.

Regrowth: Do you believe these products are useless and do not work or that they are just unnecessary with the use of your product?

Gauthier: I have never, and will never talk against other hair loss treatments. A few of my clients confessed that they continued using their previous product along with my technique until they gained enough confidence.

Regrowth: What is your experience as far as the results of people using your product who have male pattern hair loss?

Gauthier: Male pattern baldness is the easiest condition to treat, possibly because new hair appears very soon, and this encourages the person to follow the technique on a regular basis.

Regrowth: What is your experience as far as the results of people using your product who have alopecia areata?

Gauthier: The people suffering from alopecia have generally been indoctrinated to believe that nothing can be done, but they continue to receive medical treatments. It gets discouraging. I attended the National Alopecia Areata Foundation’s conferences in Atlanta in 1991 and in Dallas in 1992. I wanted to help these people grow hair, but I soon learned that it is a support group, helping people to cope with their hair loss rather than cure it.

Regrowth: Do you recommend your clients use only your tape to treat their hair loss or do you recommend they also use medical treatments as well?

Gauthier: All that is needed to stop hair loss and to grow hair naturally is the
Luftek video “Use Your Head to Grow Hair”(R), along with the follow-up information included, and the commitment to follow the easy instructions. Some people come to me after they have tried everything else. Some are following my technique to improve their hair after a botched hair transplant.

Regrowth: Are there any other benefits from your product?

Gauthier: The technique regulates high blood pressure. A few clients reported improved hypothyroidism; others got relief for their rheumatoid arthritis, encephalitis, headaches, sinusitis, allergies, gingivitis, pyorrhea, insomnia, and stomach problems. We all know that it is easier and faster to swallow a pill, use medication, or have surgery, although some treatments have questionable results and dangerous side effects, than to reverse the cause of the problem or to use preventive means to avoid having the problem in the first place.

Regrowth: Are you continuing your research for other diseases or health problems?

Gauthier: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 6 months ago. One doctor wanted to remove my prostate gland. Another doctor wanted me to receive 36 to 45 radiation treatments. I am treating the condition naturally, without surgery, products, medication or radiation. Recent tests show that, after about 5 months of my natural treatments, my psa level has decreased from 5.5 to 4.6, and I will be working to decrease it to the normal level of 4.0 in the next 3 months.


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