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How to Prevent Hair Loss

Vanity may be one of the seven deadly sins, but its also one of the best motivators for living better. People are often plagued with nutritional issues as well as medical ailments and unhealthy habits. One of the biggest issues in the medical area presently is that doctors often treat the symptoms and not the cause. Hair loss is no different. Instead of trying to stop hair loss in its tracks or supplementing fake hair for the loss, try figuring out why you’re losing it first. Check your daily routines to see if the reason you’re losing your hair is something you’re doing by looking at a couple of these factors.

Eat the right food
Many of the medical problems society faces today or due to bad eating, and hair is no different. Some of the basic vitamins and minerals required to be healthy are often the most uneaten, like protein. Protein is one of the best things for your hair. Eating fish, seeds, nuts, leafy vegetables and eggs not only help build muscles but give your hair the boost it needs to rejuvenate itself.

Another great thing to do is change your diet up a little. Eating the same food repeatedly causes your body to adapt and it stucks in a rut. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables daily, along with minerals and vitamins helps your body become balanced and strengthens your hair.

Take care of your hair
It sounds crazy, but washing your hair is one of the best things for it. Weird, right? Taking hot, steamy showers feels great, but much like your skin, your hair can become damaged by it. Also, handling your wet hair by brushing or rubbing with a towel can cause the strands to break or become damaged.

Pulling your hair tight with bands or using products that make your hair stiff, like hairspray, can make your hair fall out faster. Try using natural remedies like coconut oil and products that help strengthen hair instead of depleting moisture and vitamins.

Limit your stress
The human body was never meant to handle stress. Human bodies were designed to solve problems that lasted seconds, not years. So when your body is constantly subjected to stress, it reacts by shedding hair and causing your body to get sick in order to get better.

Try exercising or participating in meditation or yoga. Finding a time to slow down and relax can drive the body back into its natural homeostasis, and limit the amount of hair you lose.

Be Yourself
Constantly dying your hair and treating your luxurious strands to the chemicals of today’s industry can kill the hair you have. Braiding, using rubber bands and perming can pull out the hair you have left and stop new hair from growing. If the hair becomes thin and you want to give it a little volume, try small things that won’t harm your hair. Try parting it to the side, wearing it down or using volumizing shampoos and conditioners, along with natural hair products.

Hair, like teeth, will not grow back once its gone. Taking care of your hair before its lost will be better than trying to fix it once its gone. Making small changes can make a big difference.


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