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Hair loss during pregnancy is a normal phenomenon which is a part of common hair loss cycle called resting phase .This condition is not very serious enough to develop baldness or eternal hair loss, and it usually begins to lessen after the delivery. Hormonal imbalance and bodily changes could be responsible for such type of hair loss. There are various reasons that could lead to hair fall problems during pregnancy.

Insufficient production of thyroid hormone:

Production of thyroid hormone is usually short in many females these days and this phenomenon is characterized as Hypothyroidism .Thyroid hormones helps in balancing metabolic system, mental health, nails and hair . Therefore deficiency in thyroid hormone is one of the reasons for hair loss.

Mal nutrition:

During pregnancy a female body needs more nutrients and vitamins. Doctors usually recommend high iron intake. So deficiency of all the necessary minerals, vitamins and iron can result in temporary hair loss. But one should also take care to intake an appropriate amount as prescribed by doctor because excess of any minerals and retinol from vitamin A can also result in hair loss.


Fungal infections and disease such as gestational diabetes can also cause hair loss during pregnancy. Other medications to treat stress, anxiety and high blood pressures can also aids in increased hair loss. Consult your doctor if it continues while routine intake of such medications,

Common hormonal variations:

Hair thinning or hair fall during pregnancy can also be caused because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. The vacillation of hormones stops or disrupts the usual hair growth sequence, resulting in unnecessary hair breaking or hair thinning. But this is only a temporary condition and stops after few months of pregnancy.

Reproductive causes:

Controlling or stopping the birth control medications or treatments can be a reason for hair loss. Sometimes hair loss is also a byproduct of abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth.

One just cannot control hair fall during pregnancy over night. It requires few months. There are few ways from which hair shedding can be controlled during pregnancy.try going organic or consult your doctor for medical treatments like Trichotherapy regime etc.

Trichotherapy regime: It is a three-phased treatment which intends to tackle hair loss in a holistic way. The treatment is made up three products, protein spray, scalp drops and other nutritional medications which support healthy hair rejuvenation process.

Try some anti hair fall shampoos:

It is natural for the hair to become weak and dry during pregnancy. To overcome the dryness, you can alter your shampoo or conditioner that is more moisturizing. One best recommendation for hair loss during pregnancy is using Regenepure DR which is a complete organic doctor’s recommended shampoo with all the natural ingredients to revitalize the scalp and lessen the hair thinning during pregnancy. Other recommendations also may be Elasticizer, Nine Naturals Oh Baby Shampoo and Molton Brown Cassia Energy Hair and Body Wash etc.

Fenugreek seeds:

Another way apart from apply natural oils you can us fenugreek seeds. Simply Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and make a thick paste in the morning. Apply the paste on your scalp and hair while massaging the entire scalp and hair from roots to tip. Let it dry for 4-5 hours and wash with mild water. It would give volume as well as healthier texture to your hair.

Oil massage:

One promising conventional method of slowing down or stopping hair fall during pregnancy is application of warm hair on scalp. Massaging the scalp with tepid oil is traditional consideration to help control hair fall. A mixture of Coconut, jojoba, almond, olive oil and mustard oils are thought to be the best combination for hair nutrition.

Aloe Vera

Hair fall occurring due to dryness of scalp can be handled by applying aloe Vera gel directly on scalp if you are not allergic to it. Aloe Vera extracts helps in dealing with skin infections and dryness. Thus moisturizing the scalp with aloe Vera gel can aid in as one of the anti hair fall techniques.

Hair loss during pregnancy can be triggered by many reasons but should be treated with most effective way. It’s not a serious disorder unless it’s more than what’s normal. Its better incorporate organic methods in combination with pure water, Regenepure DR anti hair fall formula and all necessary supplements needed for hair rejuvenation for minimizing hair fall during pregnancy. If the hair fall gets excessive or the problem still persists after the pregnancy you definitely should consult your doctor immediately!


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