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Laser Hair Therapy- Does it work for women?, provider of innovative hair loss treatments, has recently introduced the NutreveTM Personal Hair Therapy Laser, the latest laser therapy treatment.

InternationalTM is offering a 6 month money back guarantee, something unheard of in the hair treatment industry. The company is confident that laser therapy is one of the best ways to restore hair and treat thinning of hair, and will pay back the customers if they are not satisfied or fail to see any improvements. has received much attention for their involvement with a laser therapy product known as the LaserCapTM and hopes to have as much success with this new product from NutreveTM. is widely known as the source for comprehensive information on female thinning hair and hair loss help of all kinds. According to the company, nearly 1 in 4 women will experience hair loss in their lifetime which usually occurs due to age, genetic predisposition, stress, hormonal imbalances, medications, illness and diet. The company has published the various possibilities for female hair loss treatment and has explained the pros and cons of each one.

NutreveTM Personal Hair Therapy Laser is actually suitable for both men and women and is the first hand held laser treatment to include the pulsing wave technology seen in the LaserCapTM. The device is to be used for only 15-45 minutes, three times a week to give the best results. The women’s hair loss treatment is especially designed to treat thinning of hair, hair loss on top of head, and hair loss at the hair line.

Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) has become one of the best options for hair treatments in last couple of years. LHT, which directly promotes hair growth from the scalp, was initially seen as an impractical solution to hair restoration, is now becoming a premier treatment option. The acceptance and practical use of laser hair therapy for hair loss is a result of efforts put in by doctors and industry experts including John Vincent, the proprietor of John Vincent has been finding ways to make laser therapy success for over 20 years and now, along with Dr. Bradley Kurgis, hair transplant surgeon with also 20 years experience, is having great success with two widely popular products – the LaserCapTM and NutreveTM Personal Hair Therapy Laser.

With the success of their previous LHT products, is now looking into creating products that will be more effective. Hair restoration is one of the largest industries in the world, and now has a treatment that actually provides realistic results and satisfies hair loss woes of the public. The company’s confidence in its products and LHT has been reflected in their money back guarantee.


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