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The impact that DHT’s have on Hair

DHT has a monstrous impact.

When we speak in the general category of hair problems (mainly hair-loss) we find many different causes that can cause the hair to fall but the one which is most to blame is the production of DHT’s.

This derivative of testosterone is the care problem of Androgenetic Alopeica (male pattern baldness).

Lets look into DHT

DHT 101

Hormonal changes causes many men and women to suffer from many problems, one major part of those problems is hair loss. The result of alterations due to this metabolism of the male hormones commonly referred to as androgens.


Androgens play a very important role in both, hair-loss and hair-growth. But, when the when the androgen begins to get metabolized with an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, the testosterone in the body is converted into DHT.


DHT is what causes many men to get their manly features, like their beard. The only negative side of this picture is that while it is putting hair on your face, it takes it off from your head.


DHT does not actually instantly stop the hair growth but it gradually slows it down and eventually stops at some time in life.


Everyone’s hair goes through these three stages of growth, transition and shedding (catagen, anagen, and telogen) but this is heavily disrupted by the formation of DHT’s.


When DHT attaches itself with the hair follicle, it prevents proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals from providing the nourishment that the hair needs, and causes them to shrink that further causes the hair to grow thin.

Who can be affected by DHT’s

The effect of DHT differs between men and women. DHT is responsible for about 80% of hair loss only in men whereas there is no official figure for women and hair loss is usually limited to overall thinning rather than baldness.


Luckily for us, there are many clinically and scientifically proven treatments for hair loss like Minoxidil. Those treatments are readily available at the local drug stores as well as online such as


While using minoxidil, hair shedding would actually occur in the early stages of using the treatment. But as strange as it would sound, this is very ironically, a good sign.


As I mentioned before, the hair growth lifecycle has 3 steps, and it generally consists of a long process that involves shedding, growth and a resting phase.


This is very important because once this shedding phase begins; it is like starting with a clean slate.


The old unhealthy hair falls out, leaving room for newer healthy hair to sprout out.


It takes about 6 months for any visible changes to show. But patience is the mother of virtue. Be patient and you are bound to see a good change.


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