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Five Foods That Help Fight Hair Loss

Topical solutions can temporarily solve a problem, especially when it comes to hair loss, but what you put inside your body is even more important. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and getting enough sleep helps to make your body in the best shape possible. This is something that is essential when fighting back against hair loss. Eating specific foods with key vitamins, such as Vitamin C, can help speed up the hair growth process by ensuring that the proper nutrients are delivered to your body’s internal system. 

  1. Oranges – Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to the production of collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. Collagen makes you look and feel younger and holds together the tissue in your body and hair. Having high levels of collagen will make your skin tighter and hair longer, thicker, and healthier. Other fruits packed with Vitamin C include berries, melons and tomatoes.
  2. Seafood – Seafood such as shrimp, mussels and oysters deliver high volumes of zinc to the bloodstream. Hair loss and dandruff are two conditions that are directly related to zinc deficiencies. When you store up on this vitamin, your hair will be healthier, shinier, and your scalp less itchy. Say good bye to dandruff by snacking on some nuts, seeds and legumes as well!
  3. Carrots- We all know that carrots are good for you. Mostly known for their ability to improve eyesight, carrots can also better the health of your scalp. This is because of the high concentration of Vitamin A in carrots that increase the strength of cells and tissues of your body, specifically those in the scalp and hair. Other foods with high Vitamin A include liver, fish oil and eggs.
  4. Lean proteins – Your hair is made up mostly of protein, so eating more protein is only more proactive when it comes to regrowing hair on the scalp. If you have a protein deficiency, your body is unable to grow new hair or strengthen current hair. Sticking to leaner proteins like chicken, almonds and yogurt will allow for your hair to grow faster while maintaining a healthy diet.
  5. Leafy Vegetables- Leafy vegetables have high concentrations of vitamin B6, B12, and Folic Acid, direct connections to hair health. Not getting enough Vitamin B is like cutting off the oxygen to your hair- it will die. By eating enough leafy vegetables and getting the necessary B vitamins, your hair will grow faster and improve its health in no time!


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