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Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Okay, so you’ve noticed your hair is starting to get a little thin, or maybe even falling out a bit. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Many men still look good with thinning hair, and that’s because they know how to pull it off (not literally). You can too; look below to find a hairstyle that will work for you and your state of hair.


Beginning Stages of Hair Loss

When you first start to lose your hair, or when it’s thinning out, it can cause a little bit of panic. Thankfully, at the beginning, there is still plenty of hair to mess around with.

Bed Head

This is a classic style that nearly anyone can pull off. If you just started to notice hair loss, ask your barber to give you some layers. Then, take some gel to these layers and make it messy, yet elegant, and you can cover up any obvious signs of hair loss. The ladies will be too busy looking at your “don’t care” attitude hair, rather than the lack of it.

Tape it Up

If your hairline is starting to go, or your hair is thinning, this is an easy fix. Get a haircut that makes your hair incredibly short on the back and on the sides. Keep the hair atop your head a little longer, and you can easily wear it in a few styles to cover that hairline. Plus, the shortness of hair on the sides and back make the hair atop your head look thicker.

Grow it Out

Sometimes this isn’t the best choice, but if you just started to notice some hair problems, growing it out while you still can is usually the go-to move. Who cares if your hair is a little thin when you have plenty of it? Long hair also gives the option of various styles to cover up what you don’t want to be seen.


Receding Hairline

This is usually the major signal that hair is starting to go. Your hairline receding can be a bit unsightly, especially if it’s around the temples. Luckily, it’s also an easy fix with a few styles.

Slick it Back

Most guys look good when they slick their hair back. The great thing about this is, it’s almost impossible to tell if your hairline is receding when you slick your hair back, because it’s all going in one direction.


Like the “Bed head” look, if you can still style your hair with some gel, it’s kind of hard to tell whether or not your hair is thinning or if your hairline is receding. The attention will be away from the hair you’re losing, and will be drawn to the hairdo you’re sporting. Spikes are usually the go-to look when you don’t have enough hair for a messy look.

Hail Caesar

This look is great for those of you with a receding hairline, especially around the temples. It’s a classic style for straight and wavy hair; keep the sides short and the top long, and you can wear this hair messy or kempt. It’s just enough style to cover that recession.

Faux Hawk

Like a mohawk, the faux hawk is a style that gives your hair a standing ovation. Unlike the Mohawk though, instead of shaving the sides of your head down and keeping the middle, you instead get a clever haircut that keeps the hair in the middle just a tad longer than their hair all around. Getting a short or choppy haircut from a barber, even with some layers, can give you the chance to play around with your hair a bit and give yourself a faux mohawk to sport.


Going Bald

It will happen to most of us guys, sooner or later. If you notice you’re losing hair, there is still a chance for you to get some style.


This is the easiest one of them all. Just shave your head down. It will take the attention away from the spots that are balding, and still looks nice. A little hair on the head is better than none right?

Keep it Short

If you’re losing hair in more places than one, long hair is no longer your friend. The longer your hair, the more obvious the hair loss. Keep to short haircuts, like a crew cut, or just short all around. Just enough to style, but not a buzz cut.

Clean Shaven

Yes, many men fear this look. Completely shaving your head? What madness is this? If you keep your head shaved regularly though, it will be impossible to notice your hair loss. Plus, more guys look good bald than you think.


Losing your hair isn’t the end of the world, and by far is it the end of style. Pick your favorite, and try it out. If you don’t like it, you can grow it back and try again until you hit the later stages of hair loss.


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