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How to Prevent Hair Loss in Young Men

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Young MenHair loss can be depressing; regardless of what age you are when it happens. Hair loss in young men is something that is less common, but definitely happens. There are a few simple steps you can take in preventing hair loss in young men, such as easing up on how many products you use and over-dying your hair. Taking necessary action to halt your current hair loss and prevent it from getting worse is of utmost importance when looking to increase confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t over-scrub your scalp – This might seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how often this rule goes overlooked. Over-scrubbing your hair will in turn cause more hair loss then you need or want. Use your shampoo and conditioner in the shower and make sure to clean your scalp and hair, but not to the extent that you aggravate the skin on the scalp any more. Gentle is the answer.

Don’t over-use products – Find what works for you and stick to it. Don’t overcompensate by using too many products. If you would like a general hold, use a pomade or gel and leave it at that. Limit it to a maximum of 2-3 products and focus on the ones you need not want.

Don’t dye your hair – Hair dye contains some really harmful ingredients that can further aggravate your dandruff. Staying away from dying your hair completely will cause you to see a dramatic difference in the quality of skin on your scalp and hair.

Keep your diet in check – You’ve heard it a million times, but your diet has the most impact on your body functions, even ones that you would be surprised by. Keeping a proper diet of proteins, fruits and vegetables will keep your hair in the best possible state it can be in. Stray away from processed, starchy foods and focus on meals that incorporate salmon or Omega-3 rich foods. Also, making sure you get in the recommended 30 minutes a day of exercise can do a world of difference on your appearance and confidence.

Don’t over brush your hair – Brushing your hair too much will cause your hair strands to break and become brittle. Brush your hair at maximum two times a day and you will see a difference in its strength over time.


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