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Cyproterone thiopivolate (Procter & Gamble)

United States Patent     5,439,901

Schwen, et. al.     Aug. 8, 1995



Schwen; Richard J. (Cincinnati, OH); Sine; Mark R. (Morrow, OH); Warren; Raphael (Amberly Village, OH).



The Procter & Gamble Company (Cincinnati, OH).


Appl. No:




Jul. 23, 1993

Intl. Cl.: A61K 31/56; C07J 7/00

U.S. Cl.: 514/178; 552/511

Field of Search: 552/585, 511; 514/181, 178; 424/449



The present invention relates to the compound cyproterone thiopivalate (CTP) and compositions comprising CTP. The present invention further relates to methods of treating acne and/or sebaceous gland activity comprising topical application of CTP. The present invention additionally relates to methods of regulating hair growth comprising application of compositions comprising CTP.

5 Claims, No Drawings

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Primary Examiner: Richter; Johann
Assistant Examiner: Cook; Rebecca
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Corstanje; Brahm J., Suter; David L., Rasser; Jacobus C.


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