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Low Level Laser Therapy – LLT

Low Level Laser Therapy - LLTLow level laser therapy treatments use a very low energy light and the photobiotherapy principle. The cells absorb the light and heal themselves. The laser penetrates the tissues of the scalp which stimulates the micro-circulation of the blood supply. It supports cell metabolism and synthesizes protein. This process is believed to break down DHT-dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone that causes hair loss.

There are three components to laser treatments. Energization changes the light energy from the laser into cellular energy. As a result, the cells can take in nutrients and get rid of waste more quickly. Circulation is the process of increasing the blood and lymph circulation using vasodilatation. The laser has been shown to oxygenate the blood to the scalp and the hair bulb/follicles. Vibration brings cells into harmonius movement or oscillation.The frequency is similar to the low level cold-beam red-light laser.


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