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Novel dermatological composition and method

United States Patent     5,086,040

Bonfils, et. al.     Feb. 4, 1992



Bonfils; Armelle (Conflans Sainte Honorine, FR); Smets; Pierre (Villennes sur Seine, FR); Zalisz; Rene (Menucourt, FR).



Uclaf; Roussel (Romainville, FR).


Appl. No:




Oct. 16, 1990


Foreign Application Priority Data:

Oct. 17, 1989 [FR]     89-135

Intl. Cl.: A61K 7/06

Current U.S. Cl.: 514/8; 424/401; 514/880; 530/825

Field of Search: 424/401, 70, 92; 514/880, 8; 435/272, 849, 852, 875, 873, 259; 530/395, 825



A dermatological hair growth stimulating composition containing an effective amount of a glycoprotein extract of gram negative bacteria as the growth stimulant and a method of stimulatinghair growth.

2 Claims, No Drawings

References Cited:

U.S. Patent Documents

3,929,994     Dec, 1975     Hirsch et al.     424/92

4,699,778     Oct, 1987     Marty     514/844

4,919,664     Apr, 1990     Oliver et al.     623/15

Primary Examiner: Page; Thurman K.
Assistant Examiner: Hulina; Amy
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Bierman and Muserlian


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