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Toppik Hair Building Fiber

Toppik Hair Building FiberThis product is made of keratin fibers which bond to the hair to make it look thicker. Toppik boasts several advantages over other fiber based cover ups, including a better price and a wider variety of bottle/applicator sizes.

To apply Toppik, just shake it over the area you want to cover. As with all other keratin fiber concealers, Toppik works very well in the back although not as well along the hairline. The manufacturer states that better results can be achieved with practice at applying the product. This is especially true in the hairline area.

Since the product is less water resistant than the creams & sprays, the manufacturer advises you to avoid using Toppik if you will be going swimming, exposed to heavy rain, etc…For these occasions, you may consider using a cream or spray based product. The manufacturer recommends using their product, COUVRe, in those situations. Toppik comes with a money back guarantee.



No spray or cream to cause a mess and it is able to use immediately after hair transplantation.



Doesn’t work as well in the front as in the back, comes off easier, and must be applied when the hair is dry.





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