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Interview with Hair Replacement Specialist Dennis Van Scoy

Dennis Van Scoy has been performing hair replacement since 1969.  Van Scoy Hair Clinics offer non-surgical hair replacement, hair transplantation, and medicinal treatments for hair loss and are located in Ashland, Parma, and Columbus, Ohio.

Regrowth: The first question I really had was how long have you been in the hair replacement business and what made you decide to go into it?

Van Scoy: I have been in the hair replacement business since 1969. At that time I was a hair stylist and had many young clients who had hair loss and I had no styling options for them. All I had was the old fashioned toupees that were available at that time. I started my search through trade journals and personal visits to hair replacement companies. I finally found a program. In order to participate, I had to be trained. That is what I wanted. From that point forward I continually search, learn, and train to be able to offer the most advanced options to our clients and patients. I feel if you are status quo, you might as well be out of business.

Regrowth: How many people would you say have used your hair replacement center?

Van Scoy: We have served in excess of 5,000 clients and patients at our 3 clinics in the 30 years we have been in the business.

Regrowth: How much does it in general cost to get a good hair system done?

Van Scoy: The cost for a good hair system can range from $495 to $2995. That is a wide range, I know, but with some clients a $495 system will look just a great as a more expensive system. It is always best to sit down and personally evaluate each situation. (hair loss, expectations, style, securing method, longevity, lifestyle, ect.)

Regrowth: Who is the appropriate candidate for a hair system compared to someone who would be inappropriate for medical or medicinal treatments or transplants?

Van Scoy: The appropriate candidate would be a person who has extra hair loss and wants a full head of hair, a person who does not want to do surgery, a person who has limited money, or a person who wants to exhaust all options before the surgery route.

Regrowth: What percentage of people do you see who keep their hair system and are happy with it?

Van Scoy: A high percentage of people do keep their hair systems. As far as being happy, everyone would rather have their growing hair, but that is not always possible. These people look so much better with hair. Just looking better makes them happy.

Regrowth: Are there some people who come in and you know they won’t be happy no matter what you do for them, and if so what do you tell them?

Van Scoy: If there is no way we can make a person happy, we tell them that. I DO NOT BELIEVE I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY. However, this would be a rare situation and during the consultation we explore all options with the pros and cons of each. We do offer all medical and non-medical solutions to hair loss. We offer the most choices.

Regrowth: What types of systems do you offer (base materials, hair types/source, etc) and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each kind?

Van Scoy: Like I mentioned earlier, I am always looking for advancement in materials, applications, etc. in this industry. I will attend 4-6 symposiums/seminars a year searching and learning so I will always have the best for our clients and patients. Materials:(polyester..durability, nylons..ventilation and appearance, membrane, realness, thinness, most scalp like appearance) Hair: HUMAN HAIR..There are several grades and textures as we match to each client. The most preferred by clients as they think it is real hair, however there is more care involved as it has to be restyled at each washing and will need to be recolored 2/6 times per year. TOUPELON..When this fiber was developed, it was a great advancement in the mens’ hair replacement business. A man made fiber that is wash and wear with very little styling techniques were needed by the client. However, the system would need to be professionally restyled 2/4 times per year. Now…CYBERHAIR..a new advanced fiber that has the characteristics of human hair. It is the most durable, color fast, wash and wear, and the most natural in the wind. Cyberhair is the one hair we can give to clients so they can have a very consistant appearance. The best hair for persons that have a majority of grey hair as grey human/animal hair has its limitations.

Regrowth: How are your systems attached, and if you offer multiple methods what are the pros and cons of each?

Van Scoy: In this industry a lot of promotions and fancy words have been used to promote the hair replacement business. The most common methods we use are a double sided tape, liquid adhesive, and clips for the person who wants to maintain their hair at home. The most common semi-permanent attachment are fusion, bonding, and skin graft technology. The fusion was the first semi-permanent attachment that would need to be serviced every 4-6 weeks. (Not quite as secure or comfortable) Next came bonding and this needs to be serviced every 3-5 weeks. (Needs daily minimual home maintance and could loosen). Now comes the skin graft technology as this is full scalp adhesion and requires no daily maintance. (Service visits need to be more often and not all clients are compatable to the adhesives. We give a diagonistic test first).

Regrowth: How often do your systems need to be maintained?

Van Scoy: The maintance required depends of the securing method, materials used, and clients lifestyle. It could be as little as shampooing 1 or 2 times per week in a wash, wear, and dry fashion to shampooing daily with a full blow dry restyling.

Regrowth: How much time per day does the client need to spend personally for maintenance and what does it involve?

Van Scoy: The amount of time spent each day can be as little as 15 seconds to several minutes. Again, the securing method, materials used, and life style enters into this.

Regrowth: What tips can you give wearers to keep their systems in as good a shape as possible?

Van Scoy: In order to keep their systems in great condition is to follow the manufacturers instructions and follow the tips given by your personal hair replacement stylist who delivered the system to you.

Regrowth: Which do you believe are superior, human hairs or synthetic hairs?

Van Scoy: The best between human hair and synthetic hair depends on the clients life style, how he is going to secure, his hair color, his expectations, and the financial consideration. All synthetics and human hairs have a purpose.

Regrowth: Which do you think is the superior attachment method: tapes, clips, or bonding? Or do they each have their own place?

Van Scoy: The best attachement method will be what the client needs to match his life style and expectations. It is not uncommon to change the securing method for our clients as their lifestyle changes or they mature in age. They all have a place.

Regrowth: How long can someone wear your systems without having to take them off?

Van Scoy: The persons in a semi-permanent method can wear anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. This will depend on life style, body chemistery, materials used, and the body hygiene.

Regrowth: What do you think is the future of hair replacement and what improvements will there be?

Van Scoy: The future in hair replacement will continue to grow and improve. A good appearance is not out of style and looking younger is a part of that. I think we have greatly improved over the last several years. Materials are more natural, the hair is better, and our styling skills have improved. The area that I think will improve will be in the adhesives so clients will have hair that is almost as good as their growing hair.

Regrowth: What do you plan to do if they ever do come out with a cure for baldness?

Van Scoy: I do not expect a cure for baldness, but if it does happen, I do not see it happening in my or my sons lifetime (we have 2 sons in the business).

Regrowth: Do you think there is such a thing as a hair system that is always undetectable?

Van Scoy: What is undetectable? I have clients who have our systems where no one could tell, but it takes only one comment. I had people say they can spot all hairpieces. I say who and some of the people they mention have their own growing hair.

Regrowth: Do you know if any people use medicinal treatments at the same time as their hair systems?

Van Scoy: We do have clients using Rogaine and/or Propecia with their hair systems. We have many clients who are wearing systems waiting for their hair transplant procedure to grow out.

Regrowth: Do you see many former transplant patients who wish to conceal results they may be unhappy with?

Van Scoy: As far as former hair transplant patients using a system to conceal a bad procedure is minumal. Today with the advanced skills of our surgeon, we can correct these old procedures.


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