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Surgical Hair Restoration Procedures

The following pages contain information about surgical hair restoration procedures that sometimes do, but don’t always include standard hair transplants. These options are frequently used more often for repair to damaged scalps, such as when a person suffers traumatic scarring. Because they are more invasive surgical procedures, there is a far greater risk for unwanted side effects and a poor outcome if the procedure does not work as planned. We do not believe the average person considering a hair translant should use one of these procedures since current transplants can provide excellent results with minimal chances of poor results. If you do opt to have one of these procedures performed, make sure the doctor who performs it has a long history of performing these procedures, and a plastic surgery certification is recommended.

Scalp Expansions and Extensions
This procedure is similar to a scalp reduction, except the scalp skin is stretched beforehand to allow for less tension and greater reduction of balding scalp.

Scalp Flaps
This procedure takes a flap of hair bearing scalp and repositions it, generally as part of the hairline for greater density than normal transplant procedures.

Scalp Flap Photo Gallery

Scalp Lifts
This procedure is a more radical form of scalp reduction allowing for further reduction in fewer operations.

Scalp Reductions
This procedure allows bald scalp area to be reduced.

Scalp Reduction Photo Gallery


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