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Abstract on Iamin


The Hair Follicle-Stimulating Properties of Peptide Copper Complexes


Iamin, a potent in vivo chemoattractant for macrophages, monmocytes, and mast cells, induces new capillary growth and increases blood erythrocyte levels. The complex has significant antioxidant effects mediated thru multipke activities, including superoxide dismutase mimetic activity, metal chelation activity, and induction of metallothionein. The complex stimulates collagen and glycosaminoglycan systhesis in vivo and in vitro. Iamin used in vitro has been shown to stimulate axonal and dendritic outgrowth from neurons.

Analogs of Iamin have been synthesized that reproducibly demonstrate the accelerstion of hair growth in animal model systems. Establishing reliable models for the testing of hair growth stimulating peptides has been of paramont importance. Rather than the asynchronous pattern of telogen ( resting ) and anagen ( growing ) follicles in the human, the mous exibits an age-dependent, synchronized fololicle distribution. Thus, the study of the effects of new compounds can be tied to the distinct phases of the hair follicle.

Indications of local activation of resting ( telogen ) follicles were studied by intradermal injections of 0.5 mg. of the Iamin analog PC1038 during the second telogen cycle. This cycle typically lasts between ages 45 and >90 days old. PC1038 stimulated visible hair growth withing 14 days following injection. Salin-injected animals showed no response. Histological evidence of follicle stimulation was seen within 7 days. In a separate study, mice were injected during the second anagen cycle ( age 32-45 days ). in order to assess prolongation of the cycle. Animals were reclipped ( at approximately 45 days old ) and observed for continued growth at the injection sites. A dose-response effect of the intradermal injections of PC1038 was observed and quantitated in terms of growth area ( figure 1, which does show growth ). There was no continued growth in saline- injected animals.

In summary, the C3H mouse has proved an effective model for hair follicle stimulation. This has been documented in both the anagen and telogen growth cycle. The Iamin analog PC1038 has been proved to be a potent stimulator of follicle growth, as well as of follicle preservation.


Trachy, R.E., Fors, T.D., Pickart, L. and Uno, H.



The Molecular and Structural Biology of Hair. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. vol 642 ( 1991 ).p468-469.



R.E Trachy, Procyte Corporation, 12040 115th Ave. N.E., Suite 210, Kirkland, Washington 98031.


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