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Antiandrogens in monotherapy or combined therapy for treatment of advanced cancer of the prostate


This study undertaken on antiandrogens alone or in combination for treatment of prostate cancer shows the efficacy of flutamide in advanced prostate cancer. At 6 and 12 months after beginning treatment, 37% of the patients showed an objective response. Patient follow up at 2 and 3 years revealed a partial response in 33% and 19%, respectively. In one patient with stage C carcinoma, a long-lasting complete response was achieved, with a duration of approximately 3 years. A marked palliative effect was observed. Transrectal ultrasound revealed prostate volume had decreased in 73% of the patients and 86% showed functional improvement. Sexual function was not substantially altered during treatment. Similarly, there was no dramatic increase in serum testosterone. The foregoing findings demonstrate that flutamide monotherapy is an effective treatment for prostatic cancer and can be chosen for younger patients who wish to conserve their sexual potency.



Pavone-Macaluso M; Serretta V; Pavone C; Romano C; Daricello G;



Arch Esp Urol, 42:2, 1989, 197-205



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