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Australian trial of topical Minoxidil and placebo in early male pattern baldness


Australian trial of topical Minoxidil and placebo in early male pattern baldness.



Connors TJ, Cooke DE, De Launey WE, Downie M, Knudsen RG, Shumack S, Eggleston AS



Monash Medical Centre Clayton, Vic.



Australas J Dermatol, 31: 1, 1990, 17-25


Hair Loss Study Abstract

One hundred and sixty nine men with early male pattern baldness (Androgenic Alopecia) were treated in a random, double-blind fashion with either 2% Minoxidil solution or placebo vehicle for 24 weeks, one ml applied twice daily. After 24 weeks all patients received the active solution until week 48. After 24 weeks the Minoxidil treated patients had increased their non-vellus hair counts significantly more than the placebo treated group; means were 37.6 and 8.8 hairs per reference area, 95% C.I. for difference = 10.85 to 60.75. The rate of non-vellus hair regrowth was also greater among Minoxidil treated patients than placebo treated patients. Nine (12.5%) evaluable Minoxidil treated patients compared with 2 (2.7%) evaluable placebo treated patients reported moderate or dense hair regrowth at week 24. Minimal regrowth was reported by 18 (25%) active group and 15 (20%) placebo group patients. The investigators considered that 3 (2%) of the minoxidil group and None of the placebo group had moderate hair regrowth and that none had dense regrowth. After 48 weeks treatment 28 (23%) patients considered that they had moderate hair regrowth and the investigators considered that 14 (12%) patients had moderate regrowth. None had dense growth. No serious adverse reactions or deaths were reported. Minoxidil solution appeared to be an efficacious and safe treatment for early Androgenic Alopecia.


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