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Diet-induced dermatitis response of hairless rats to systemic treatment with cyclosporin A (Sandimmun), cyclosporin H and FK506


Weaned hairless rats were fed a diet deficient in fat, magnesium and folacin. After approximately 1 week, an erythematous dermatitis developed which was associated with extreme generalized pruritus. Scratching led to excoriations and hemorrhagic crusting. The acute stage (pruritic rash) resolved after several days and was followed by sporadic non-itching relapses. Subsequent to the onset of symptoms, rats were treated orally, once daily for 3 days with CyA, CyH or FK506. The immunosuppressants CyA and FK506 caused a dose-dependent inhibition of symptoms in contrast to CyH. The immediate clinical response was associated with changes in blood histamine, white blood cell counts and histological parameters. Since CyH is known to lack immunosuppressive activity, these results may indicate that the cutaneous changes induced by the nutritional deficiency are associated with immunological abnormalities. The results may also indicate mechanisms influenced by CyA and FK506 but not by CyH; for example, release of chemical mediators from inflammatory cells.



Bavandi A; Meingassner JG; Becker S



Sandoz Forschungsinstitut, Vienna, Austria.



Exp Dermatol, 1: 4, 1992 Nov, 199-205





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