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Rogaine Regular Strength (Minoxidil 2%)

Hair Loss Treatment Type

Vasodilator, Potassium (K+) channel opener.



2% -over the counter.



This was the first FDA approved drug for the treatment of male pattern hair loss and still the only FDA approved treatment for women with hair loss.


Claimed Results

Modest regrowth for most men using 2%, better using 5%.


Observed Results

Many do well on 2%, some do not. 5% has a much higher effectiveness.


Clinical Results

Many clinical trials verify that Minoxidil grows hair for most men.



Minoxidil is thoroughly tested.


Safety/Side Effects

Minoxidil has been shown to be mostly side effect free. The most common side effects are simple contact dermatitis, or in some cases dry mouth. More serious side effects include lowered blood pressure and dizziness.





Typical Cost

$8 -18 generic, $25-30 brand name, $35-45 for 5% prescription, lower prices in quantity.


Where you can get it, most grocery stores & pharmacies.


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