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Can caffeine shampoo cure baldness?

About 70 percent of men suffer from male pattern baldness (MPB) and hair loss is one of the things men dread most about getting older. (The other great fear is impotence.)

To most men a full head of hair is a sign of health, youthfulness and virility, and the first signs of hair loss along the sides of the forehead and on the crown of the head can cause strong reactions like depression, social withdrawal, loss of self-esteem – and in extreme cases even suicide. Women are affected by hair loss to a much lesser degree than men, but it can lead to similar problems like depression and loss of self-confidence.

There are thousands of home remedies to cure baldness, some of which are quite weird. Many of these involve rubbing the excrement of some kind of animal – like cow or pig dung – on the balding pate. However, these “boererate” have a very limited success rate.

A new discovery by a German scientist may change all of that.

A leading international expert in hair loss, Dr. Adolf Klenk, recently visited South Africa to promote his discovery that caffeine stimulates hair growth. Dr. Klenk, an employee of a German “cosmeceutical” company, the Dr. Wolff Group, discovered that caffeine protects hair roots against hereditary and menopausal hair loss in men and women respectively, and facilitates growth. Based on this discovery the Wolff group produces caffeine-based shampoos for men and women. The product is sold in South Africa under the name “Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo”.  

A study by the Institute for Dermatology at Lübeck University which was published in the British Journal of Dermatology found that found that caffeine promotes hair follicle growth by influencing important proteins that regulate cell growth.

How does it work?

The study found that in both men and women the caffeine counteracts the growth inhibitory effect of testosterone (the “male” hormone) on hair roots and stimulates growth.


Watch: The interview with Dr. Adolf Klenk to learn more about his “cure” for baldness.



Regrowth Recommends Regenepure DR. Caffeine is one of the many beneficial ingredients that can grow hair.


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