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Hair Loss Treatments and Shedding

Hair LossShedding can be a frightening experience, especially when using products that are supposed to help enhance growth. It is important to fully understand the shedding process before discontinuing a hair growth product. Shedding is possible for those who are exposing their hair to hair loss products, especially minoxidil based treatments. The key is discerning whether it is part of the process or an indicator that the product is not effective.

Why are you shedding?

Shedding from hair growth treatments is not abnormal. Many of users experience significantly more hair loss during their first few weeks of treatment that can last up to several months. Most victims of shedding are alarmed because they are expecting hair growth and instead, they are receiving more hair loss. Though the majority would discontinue using that particular treatment, shedding does not necessarily mean the treatment is ineffective. When you experience hair loss, your hair follicles become very fragile. Consequently, any new product you use can shock these follicles causing your hair to shed.

What is shedding?

Shedding is not actually synonymous with losing hair. In actuality, you hair follicles are “going to sleep” so the hair that you lose during this “sleep cycle” is most likely to return. Hair growth works in cycles whether you are suffering from hair loss or not, and understanding this cycle is key to your hair care routine. Shedding for those suffering from patterned baldness is a bit different. This is caused by the miniaturization of hair follicles. When your hair finishes its dormant cycle, the hair grows back thinner and weaker and eventually does not grow back at all. The hair loss treatments are used to stop miniaturization and promote stronger hair growth. This is process that can cause the hairs remain weak during the beginning stages of the treatment, which is why shedding can continue.

How long does it last?

You may experience shedding from one to six months during your hair growth regimen. However, the length of your shedding period may vary. If shedding persists past the six month mark, you visit your dermatologist. Make sure to provide them with the ingredient list or bottling of the treatments you are using. A physician may know whether a particular ingredient is reacting negatively with your hair and/or scalp. It is important to find the ingredients that are harmful to your body so you know to stay away from them. Once these ingredients are discovered, you can refrain from purchasing products that contain those components and focus on products that have beneficial ingredients.


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