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How to Prevent Hair Loss While on Accutane

How to Prevent Hair Loss While on AccutaneAccutane is an extremely intense drug used for the treatment of cancer, acne, and other severe skin conditions. This medication is known to be your absolute last result due to the harsh side effects internally and externally. Hair loss is one of those side effects but can be prevented with a few simple steps.

  • Avoid using any chemical processes on your hair before, during, and after using Accutane. This means no hair dyes, perms, straighteners, bleaches, or keratin on the hair. Because Accutane already makes your hair dry and brittle, using these harsh chemicals on your hair will aggravate the scalp and follicles, making hair loss worse. The best thing to do is simply stay away from all of these treatments until you have finished Accutane for a few months’ time.
  • Always remember to moisturize your hair and scalp while taking Accutane. As mentioned before, your hair is going to be much weaker while you’re on this medicine. In order to ensure that your hair is in the best condition possible, make sure you moisturize your scalp and hair strands at least once a day to stimulate hair growth and moisture retention. Hair that is moisturized is less likely to break off and cause thinning.
  • Take a Zinc supplement. If you have a Zinc deficiency and also use Accutane, chances are, you’re suffering from hair loss. Accutane has been linked to a decrease in Zinc in some patients, making you more susceptible to hair loss issues. Taking Zinc supplements as well as eating foods that are rich in Zinc, can help ensure your hair is healthy and strong. Some foods with Zinc in it include: oysters, dark chocolate, peanuts, roast beef, bran cereal and sesame seeds. Always remember to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.
  • Balance your hormones. An imbalance in your hormones can directly lead to hair loss or thinning. Regulating your hormones through medicine or other methods prescribed by your doctor can help balance out any issues you may have due to Accutane now and in the future.

These tips are meant to offer advice. Remember to speak with your doctor before making any new diet modifications, such as medications or supplements.


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