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Nation’s First “Certified Hair Coach” Training Program

Internationally renowned hair loss physician Dr. Alan J. Bauman recently launched the first ‘Certified Hair Coach’ program in the U.S. to train hair stylists and salons on how to help men and women who are concerned about hair loss. The program is unique because it provides consumers with actionable information by combining scientific hair tracking measurements with a series of non-invasive, easy-to-follow hair improvement plans and options. Early intervention is key to fighting hair loss and thinning, as once it has become apparent to the naked eye, 50 percent of the hair may already be gone. Delray Beach-based Bond Street Salon and S’Criage Spa & Salon in Coconut Creek are the first in the nation to attain the Bauman Certified Hair Coach™ designation and offer this new service to their clients. The next certification class is December 10th in Boca Raton.

One of the first conversations hair loss sufferers have about their concerns isn’t with their doctor, significant other or friend – more often than not, it’s with their trusted barber or stylist. With that in mind, internationally renowned hair loss expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman recently launched the country’s first Bauman Certified Hair Coach™ program to teach hair stylists and salons how to help consumers by catching hair loss early, tracking it, and understanding what they can do to fight it.

ABC television news station WPBF Channel 25 in West Palm Beach recently reported on Bauman’s new Hair Coach program and its innovative solutions for salon owners, stylists and consumers. Watch the TV news report:


“Over the past 15 years, I’ve treated thousands of men and women suffering from hair loss,” said Dr. Bauman, founder of Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton and a board-certified hair restoration physician. “In many cases, these patients weren’t aware that they had hair loss until it became very noticeable. By the time hair loss is visible to the untrained eye, you’ve already lost 50 percent of your hair in that area. Early hair loss intervention is key, which is why our specially trained, compassionate and caring hair stylists and salons are so important – they’re the first line of defense to help men and women catch it early.”

The Bauman Certified Hair Coach™ program is a day-long interactive, hands-on training class that teaches cosmetologists, salon owners and other beauty professionals how to identify the early signs of hair loss and gather scientific and highly accurate hair measurements with the new HairCheck® device. Hair Coach graduates also have ongoing access through Dr. Bauman and his program to the latest news and information in hair loss research, medical treatments, minimally invasive hair transplants and future treatments like stem cell therapy and hair multiplication, popularly known as “hair cloning.”

“We believe healthy hair makes people look better and feel happier,” said Andres Gonzalez, VP of Business Development at Bauman Medical Group. “This program is unique because it measures and tracks hair loss, and thanks to their Bauman Certified Hair Coach, the client can start doing something about their situation right away. We empower beauty professionals with the necessary tools and information that can lead to them having happier clients who keep coming back again and again.”


Source: Times Union

Bond Street Salon in Delray Beach, Florida is the first Palm Beach County salon to attain the designation as a Bauman Certified Hair Coach. “We’re excited to receive this specialized training from Dr. Bauman as the issue of hair loss and hair breakage is one that comes up frequently with our clients,” said Lauren Donald, owner of Bond Street Salon. “As an established treatment-based salon, this program resonates very well with our existing philosophy.”

Bauman Certified Hair Coaches offer the following advantages:

  • Know how to help men and women suffering from hair thinning and hair loss
  • Provide HairCheck Consultations to measure the volume and density of the hair, and over time, determine if any problems exist – such as emerging hair loss or hair breakage
  • Incorporate Dr. Bauman’s trusted and proven hair-related programs that add value by helping clients with their hair loss concerns, increasing bookings and reinforcing client loyalty

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