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Top 5 Most Popular Minoxidil Products

There are very few hair products and ingredients out there that are science backed and proven to be effective. Minoxidil happens to be one of those proven ingredients. This has helped a lot of people keep their hair and it encourages new hair growth.

If you want to fight hair loss, then consider adding minoxidil to your hair care arsenal. In this article we will be reviewing some of the most popular minoxidil based products.

All in hope that it will help you decide and make the right choice for your hair.

Propecia combined with minoxidil has proven to be very effective.

1)Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray

First product on the list is the minoxidil spray for men and women. Regenepure is known for their hair products and dedication to helping you get your hair back.

They have two sprays, the 5% concentration for men and 5% for women in separate bottles. Their bottles come with a adjustable fine mist applicator for precise targeting of balding and thinning areas. This helps with targeted and precise use without the issue of clean up.

Other than hair regrowth this sprays, they have other products like the DR hair loss shampoo and NT nourishing treatment shampoo, biotin hair growth conditioner and hair loss supplements for hair.

You get a full hair care package at one place. They are a well-established company with a worldwide customer and wholesale distribution base. Fast working formula will get you results in 3-6 months of regular use. Visit for more.

2) Kirkland Foam and Liquid

They offer a bulk pack of 5 bottles at $25/6 months. No wonder they are so popular. They are giving a decent quantity for a very fair price.

This is very economical for those who have to use it on a daily basis. The bottles come with a dropper for easy application. Their product concentration is 5% minoxidil.

If you are looking to buy only twice a year then look no further. They will ship you a bulk pack that should easily last you 6-8 months. And dont worry, the formula life is for 2 years. So you need not worry about it going bad.

3) Lipogaine Complete Solution

Lipogaine comes with minoxidil and dihydrotestosterone reducing compounds. Minoxidil does stimulate hair growth, but it does not prevent the production or inhibition of DHT.

Lipogaine aims to give the consumers a little extra by taking a step that no one else considers. Herbal mixtures of “DHT blockers” prevent 98% of underlying scalp DHT from inhibiting hair follicles. While there isn’t much detail available about this “herbal” mix, so far the results have shown no side effects.

Worst case scenario being it did not work, nothing else. The minoxidil solution concentration is 5%. There are other ingredients like vitamins B6, B12, saw palmetto, niacin, biotin, apple polyphenol and biotin-tripeptide.

This product is a bit more costly than the rest. But their claim to reverse hair loss has a big success rate. You can get Lipogaine for men and women separately.

4. Hair Restoration Laboratories Ultra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment

Much like Lipogaine, they too added a little extra to their formulae. With 5% minoxidil concentration, they have saw palmetto, biotin, cumin, pumpkin seed oil, caffeine, green tea, borage extracts and azelaic acid.

These are all very effective DHT blocking natural ingredients. This too is double the price, compared to the others. Since you are paying for the extra privilege.

The bottle comes with a dropper for easier application.

5) Rogaine Foam and Liquid

This is one of the most popular products out there. It started in 1996 and since then has taken over a majority of customers looking to get their hair back.

This product is available in both liquid spray and foam form. There are two separate bottles for men and women. What makes it so popular is its ease of use. Make Rogain a part of your daily hair care routine. And overtime you will see the difference in hair re-growth.


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