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7 beta-substituted 4 aza 5 alpha androstan 3-one derivatives (Farmitalia Carlo Erba S.R.L.)

United States Patent     5,418,238

Panzeri, et. al.     May 23, 1995



Panzeri; Achille (Merate, IT); Nesi; Marcella (Milan, IT); di Salle; Enrico (Milan, IT).



Farmitalia Carlo Erba S.R.L. (Milan, IT).


Appl. No:




Jul. 29, 1993

Foreign Application Priority Data:

Jul. 31, 1992 [GB]     9216329

Intl. Cl.: A61K 31/58

U.S. Cl.: 514/284; 546/ 77; 544/125; 544/361

Field of Search: 514/284; 546/77



A compound of formula (I): ##STR1## wherein R is a hydrogen atom or a C(1) -C(4) alkyl group;

  • A is a single bond or a straight or branched C(1) -C(6) alkylene chain;
  • R(1) is a hydrogen atom or a C(1) -C(6) alkyl group;
  • R(2) is a C(1) -C(6) alkyl group, a C(5) -C(7) cycloalkyl or a C(6) -C(10) cycloalkylalkyl group, aryl or a C(7) -C(10) arylalkyl group, or a C(6) -C(10) heterocyclylalkyl group;
  • R(3) is hydrogen, a C(1) -C(4) alkyl group or an aryl or a C(7) -C(10) arylalkyl group;
  • Z is a C(1) -C(6) alkyl group, an –OR(5) group wherein R(5) is a C(1) -C(6) alkyl group, ##STR2## group wherein each of R(6) and R(7) is hydrogen, C(1) -C(6) alkyl, C(5) -C(7) cycloalkyl, phenyl or R(6) and R(7) taken together with the nitrogen to which they are linked form a pentatomic or hexatomic saturated heteromonocyclic ring; and the symbol represents a single or a double bond, is a testosterone 68 5.alpha.-reductase inhibitor and is therapeutically useful in benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic and breast cancers, seborrhoea, female hirsutism and male pattern baldness.

4 Claims, No Drawings

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Primary Examiner: Daus; Donald G.
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt


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