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GraftCyteHair Loss Treatment Type:

Prezatide Copper (copper transport)


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This is the second Prezatide Copper based product, derived from the earlier Iamin. Prezatide Copper is a wound healing gel released by ProCyte. Studies of the active ingredient showed it had very good hair regrowth capabilities. The company sells a derivative known as Tricomin. GraftCyte spray contains slightly less Prezatide copper than Iamin, but it contains about 2.5x the amount of liquid by volume, so it actually has more Prezatide Copper than Iamin for around the same price.

Claimed Results:

In transplant patients, a reduction of the time until transplanted hairs grow back, prevention of fallout of grafts.

Observed Results:

None yet.

Clinical Results:

None available.


Not tested for hair loss other than in transplanted hairs.

Safety/Side Effects:

Approved as an OTC product by the FDA, should be very safe.



Typical Cost:

$20 per 8oz bottle, minimum 3 bottle order ($59.95) from ProCyte.


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