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HairMax LaserComb

HairMax LaserComb


Laser therapy for hair loss has been an idea researched for several years with a variety of products currently available. The first laser therapy devices were large bulky devices that were sold to salons and hair loss clinics for in-store use. Now a portable, personal device for this type of therapy is available.


Treatment Type:

Laser stimulation of the follicle and surrounding skin is used to increase energy and cell health of the treated areas as well as increase circulation. Usage is 1 or 2 times per week.


Claimed Results:

Professionals claim a high percentage of users respond to laser treatment.


Clinical Results:

The LaserComb complies with FDA requirements as a cosmetic laser device for hair, meaning it meets the FDAs safety standards for a laser device and has a cosmetic effect to strengthen, thicken, or improve existing hair. The company that makes the LaserComb says they will be initiating clinical trials for FDA approval for the device as a hair regrowth treatment.


Observed Results:

Initial observation are very encouraging.


Side Effects:

None known. FDA approved for safety as a laser device. Low level laser is used in a wide range of healing applications.



$495. Payment options available.


Where You Can Get It Online:

HairMax LaserComb


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