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Assessment of efficacy of Diane-35 in androgenetic feminine alopecia


The study demonstrated that Diane-35 for 6-9 months decreased the loss and thinning of hair in women aged 31-35.

The aim of the study was to carry out clinical and trichological examination (trichogram and assessment of hair loss) before and after therapy in 25 women aged 31-35 years with androgenetic alopecia. Diane-35 was given over 6-9 months once a day in a dose of 1 coated tablet beginning the therapy on the first day of menstrual cycle. After the administration of a whole package (1 blister) the drug was paused for 7 days which resulted in the occurrence of menorrhoea. The study showed that Diane-35 used for 6-9 months decreases clearly the loss of hair, hair thinning and seborrhoea.


Brzezinska-Wcislo L



Wiad Lek. 2003;56(3-4):202-5.


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