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Clinical experience with Diane-35, currently the lowest dose antiandrogenic hormonal ovulation inhibitor, in mild to moderative androgenization in the female


Low-dose hormonal contraceptives with specifically reduced estrogen are now the drug of choice for the prevention of internal risks. The antiandrogenic hormonal contraceptives have also had to be adapted to this situation. In a study involving 144 women, most of whom were suffering from moderately severe androgenization, Diane-35 (reduced to 0.035 mg ethinyl estradiol) was used as an antiandrogenically active hormonal contraceptive. From the sixth treatment cycle onward acne and seborrhea were significantly improved or already healed. In the 12th treatment cycle the treatment success rate was almost 90%. The side effects occurring with higher-dose hormonal contraceptives were reduced, cycle behavior was acceptable, and the incidence of metrorrhagia corresponded to that found with other micropills.


Kaiser E



Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd, 46: 10, 1986 Oct, 738-42




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