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Clinical findings with a low-dosed antiandrogene (cyproteronacetate) and aethinyloestradiol women with virilising symptoms


The paper refers to 167 patients who were treated with 2 mg Cyproteronacetate and 50 mug Ethinyloestradiol because of acne, seborrhoea, hirsutism and androgenetic alopecia. The application was daily from the 5th to the 25th day of cycle over a period of 12 months. The success of treatment depended on the severity of virilisation: in cases of light acne only 77% of the patients showed improvement, while in cases of severe acne 91,4% showed improvement or healing of acne. The corresponding figures for seborrhoea were 55,7% and 89,4% respectively, and for hirsutism 37,4% and 60,9% respectively. Furthermore the success of treatment of the different virilising symptoms depended on the duration of therapy: while acne was already cured significantly after 6 months of treatment, seborrhoea and hirsutism show continuous improvement up to the 10th month thetherapy. Concerning side effects during therapy spottings and brake through bleedings were registered in 17,1 and 6% of cycles respectively. 16,2% of the patients noted breast tensions. Finally 68,7% of the patients suffered from nervousness, a very subjective symptom, which might be explained by the psychic lability accompanying virilising symptoms. The drop out rate was 7,8%, being not higher than with other oral contraceptives.



Schmidt-Elmendorff H; Steyer M



Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd, 37: 4, 1977 Apr, 297-303





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