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Norplant and its side effects

Hair Loss Study Abstract

Norplant is a subcutaneous contraceptive with levonorgestrel. From March to October 1993. Norplant was implanted in 58 women and its side effects were observed for a period of six months. No pregnancy occurred during the study period. Almost all the women experienced irregular menstruations or amenorrhea. The most frequent side effect was weight gain in 21 women (36.2%) followed by headache (13.7%), hair loss (8.6%) and emotional changes (8.6%). However, they were usually mild and 86.2% of the women showed complete satisfaction at the end of study. Norplant was removed in 6 women for its side effects. Younger women appeared to tolerated better than older women. There was a significant relationship between the frequency of side effects with Norplant and those with previous use of birth control pills.



Kato K; Joachim A; Nielsen P; Habib ND



OB/GYN Service, U.S. Army Hospital Berlin.



Zentralbl Gynakol, 1995, 117:5, 260-2





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