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Topical Minoxidil therapy for Androgenic Alopecia in the Middle East: The Middle-Eastern Topical Minoxidil Study Group


Topical minoxidil therapy for androgenic alopecia in the Middle East. The Middle-Eastern Topical Minoxidil Study Group.



Karam P



American University Hospital of Beirut, New York, NY 10022.



Int J Dermatol, 32: 10, 1993 Oct, 763-6


Hair Loss Study Abstract

BACKGROUND. A 48-week open label trial was conducted in five Middle-Eastern countries (Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates) to determine the safety and efficacy of 2% minoxidil in the treatment of early androgenic alopecia and to compare the response with Western countries. METHODS. One hundred and ninety-five men aged between 19 and 47 years were enrolled. The duration of their baldness varied from 6 months to 10 years, and they all showed a type III vertex or type IV of the modified Hamilton scale. Baldness pattern, diameter of the balding area, hair counting within a 2.5 cm bald patch as well as investigator’s and patient’s evaluation were regularly noted. RESULTS. No significant changes were observed in vital signs or laboratory parameters. Of the 161 patients considered evaluable at 48 weeks, 80% showed moderate to dense growth. The mean increase in nonvellus hair at 12 months was 234. CONCLUSIONS. The age of the patient and the type of baldness rather than its duration affected the final outcome.


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